What To Expect From Medical Nutrition Therapy

What can you expect from a Nutrition Consultation?
Nutrition consultation consists of evaluation of nutritional intake (deficiencies and excesses of nutrients consumed) and the development of a food plan based on individualized nutritional needs. Recommendations and strategies will be developed using a health-centered approach for all nutrition concerns and issues.

The initial consult:  A complete nutritional, medical, weight and dieting history will be reviewed. Nutritional and metabolic needs will be assessed. (50-60 minutes). 

Ongoing Consults: Depending on individual need ongoing 50 min consults will be provided until client progresses to follow up 1/2 sessions (25 min)

Follow up sessions: Number of follow-up sessions will depend on individual need. Continued support and psychoeducation are provided to help meet individual goals. (25 minutes)

For Weight Concern Issues a 6-8 week treatment plan is used to help clients learn how to establish positive eating behaviors. The goals of treatment include:

1. Learn to eat in a positive and orderly manner.  
2. Reduce conflict and anxiety about eating.  
3. Improve nutritional status (i.e. decrease blood glucose levels)  
4. Identify and incorporate sustainable activity Return pleasure and balance to eating