What to Expect from Eating Disorder Nutrition Therapy

Eating disorders are associated with serious medical, nutritional and psychological risk, therefore it is advisable to work within the framework of a multidisciplinary team. Typically, the team consists of physician, psychotherapist, nutritionist and if needed, a psychiatrist.

What can you expect from Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)?
The goals of MNT are to improve nutritional intake, normalize eating and challenge distorted attitudes and behaviors about health, food and body image

The initial consult:  A complete nutritional, medical, weight and dieting history will be reviewed. Nutritional and metabolic needs will be assessed. (60 minutes).

The second consult: An individual food plan based on food records kept and individual need will be given at this time (50 minutes).

Ongoing sessions:  Number of ongoing sessions will depend on individual need but typically 8-10 sessions are recommended. Continued support and psychoeducation are provided to help meet individual goals (50 min). Topics include but are not limited to; body image, eating behavior and dieting, metabolic adaptations to dieting, prevention of bingeing and purging, challenging myths about health weight and eating, strategies to  obtain normalized eating.